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Whether it’s a small dinner party, wedding for hundreds, company convention or retreat, or get together of any size, putting on an event can be incredibly time consuming and stressful for an individual or organization. Backdrop Events is a full service event production company that plans, develops, and executes all logistical needs prior to and during your event eliminating that hassle and allowing you to do what’s really important, having fun!

Backdrop Events works hand in hand with you to coordinate all logistical aspects of your event including: creating and adhering to strict budgets, researching and securing venue, all transportation and housing needs, any tent, table, chair, linen selections and rentals, invitations and registrations, printed materials on site or prior to the event, all staffing needs on site or prior, caterer selection and follow through, any permit or parking requirements, creation and execution of decorations and event themes, and any other logistical needs associated with your specific event.  Additionally, Backdrop Events will work diligently to research several options for each vendor to ensure the best pricing and quality of product to create a successful event!

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